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The Project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as a Special Research Facility – Herbarium Stetinenseherbarium and database on vascular plant and fungi resources in Western Pomerania (2017-2018).

Flora & Funga Pomeranica Occidentalis

is an integral system of knowledge about the biodiversity of Western Pomerania in relation to plants and fungi. The components of the project are the Herbarium Stetinense herbarium and the West Pomeranian Atlas of Plant and Fungi Distribution (ZARRiG), which together constitute a unique documentation of studies on the biodiversity of the region, conducted for over a hundred years. Both the herbarium collections and the collected data on the sites are the starting material for various studies, including taxonomy, phytogeography, ecology, assessment of threats to plant species and fungi of Western Pomerania, including valuable, rare and endangered taxa.

Contact person:

Prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Popiela, e-mail: agnieszka.popiela@usz.edu.pl

dr inż. Andrzej Łysko, e-mail: andrzejlysko@gmail.com